Welcome to Kingsland Cable. Locally owned and operated since 1978. Proudly serving Kingsland Georgia with FREE Digital and High-Def!
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Kingsland Cable/Internet has for four decades dependably served Kingsland customers 24/7 by putting our subscribers priorities first. You could always rely on us when you need us, just the opposite of big national cable, phone & satellite providers who schedule service when they decide its convenient.

We answer our own phones here in Kingsland, not from a far off call center. We dont hire strangers (out-of-town subcontractors) to perform our free installs & our no extra charge cable TV & Internet in-home service.

From the get-go Kingsland Cable / Internet has always treated our valued customers as neighbors.

We have a Local Business Office at 220 E King Ave to serve you. Our competitors dont have a local office. We invite you to visit our office or call Kimberly, Tina or Carlisle. We offer Free Installs. There are No deposits, No contracts, No set-top box fees, No extra outlet fees. You pay as long as youre happy. No rigmarole.

Our internet subs pay no long term monthly modem/router rentals. (Other providers slide you into a $10 monthly rental, and you soon more than pay for your devices.) To save you money, you buy your modem from us at 1/2 retail price ($40), or you buy your modem and/or wireless router anywhere you choose.

Question: How many other cable / internet providers schedule free installs and no extra charge service calls immediately on same day or next day, and even after hours if necessary? Who else provides service even on weekends?

Answer: Our competition does not even try to earn your business the way Kingsland Cable / Internet does! They are just too big and remote and distant.

Finally, lets face it, Internet devices are often tricky to set up and use. Denny, Randell & Joel are happy to help you at no extra charge with in-home assistance with your PCs, your wireless routers, your wireless printers, your cell phones & your VOIP phones, etc. You can count on us to provide first quality cable TV, fast dependable internet, plus great in home service for the next 40 years too!

Our Business Policy - Second to none!

  1. Kingsland Cable TV operates on a month to month basis with our valued subscribers. We offer free installs for both cable and internet, and we dont require a deposit. We charge low, fair rates. We don't wait for credit approval or make you wait days for installation. We don't make you sign a contract. If you want our cable and/or internet, we take your word that you will promptly pay for it. We strive hard to earn your business. You pay us as long as you are happy. We offer $1 per month tech support even for in home service calls.
  2. We simply ask that before you sign with our competition, please compare Kingsland Cable TVs month to month subscriber policy with our competitors who require a contract with lots of fine print. Key point about our competitors: if you aren't happy with the product or service of TDS, or DirecTV or Dish Network, you can't just call them up and cancel. You're stuck for the length of the contract they got you to sign. Some of their unhappy subscribers do manage to get away early, but they still have to pay a stiff early termination penalty.
  3. Kingsland Cable TV has always had a local business office, so when you phone us or if you walk into our office, you always talk with a person who lives in Kingsland. Our entire staff - office and field workers - is made up of local people. In contrast, our competition (DirecTV, Dish Net, and TDS TV - the local phone company) does not have a local office open to the public. When you call them, you get an out of town call-center; and they usually employ contractors to work in your home doing installs and service.
  4. Kingsland cable TV provides "sudden" free service (usually one day) because we do our own installations and we handle any trouble calls with local techs who live in Kingsland. We have been in business for 40 years. We are locally owned and operated. We take pride in the first class service we provide to our friends and neighbors. Our tech support motto is 24/7/365. (Good luck if you try to get a quick free install or fast one dollar a month tech support from TDS TV, Dish Network or DirecTV!)
  5. Regarding our rates, day in and day out Kingsland Cable TV is the low cost provider for both Cable TV and Broadband Internet. Kingsland Cable TV gives subscribers an honest value. Kingsland Cable TV does not try to confuse you with clever promises and a slick contract. Because we are a local, independent cable tv / internet company, we wouldn't dare to entice you to sign a long term contract with low ball, introductory rates which later dramatically go up. It doesnt take a mathematician to figure out that when you start out paying low ball rates - and then pay much higher monthly rates over the long haul - you wind up paying more!
  6. Privacy Policy - Your personal information is maintained by Kingsland Cable for the sole process of processing payments. We will not share your personally identifiable information with third parties.
  7. Refund Policy - Refunds are made on a case by case basis. Note: Since Kingsland Cable provides service to subscribers on a "month to month" basis, payments made to us our are for "full" monthly services rendered. We do not prorate accounts because our programming suppliers require payment from us in full monthly increments. Thus, if a month to month customer decides to disconnect, we require that he notify us before the 26th monthly cut-off billing date so that we can remove him from our next monthly customer billing.


Kingsland Cable does not require a long term contract, does not charge a connection fee, and does not require a deposit to insure payment for service. All we require is a month to month "handshake" contract with our subscribers. Of course we must require our subscribers to pay their bill for cable and internet on time.

Company Payment Policy: Monthly billing cut-off is on the 26th. New bills are mailed on this date for the following month. The bills are dated the first day of the month, and they are due upon receipt = the first day of the new billing month. Bills are "late" if they are not paid before the 26th, and a $5 late fee is added to those unpaid bills that are carried over without payment after the 26th cut-off. Late accounts are subject to disconnection if they are not paid by the 10th of the new month and are subject to a $25 reconnect fee. Please pay your bill promptly.

Cable programming is very expensive; in an effort to keep rates down we dont mark up the programming we provide. For example, we charge our cost for HBO and the Jacksonville TV stations therefore we simply cannot afford to pay for programming costs and not get paid timely by our subscribers.

If a customer decides to disconnect, we require that he notify us before the 26th cut-off billing date so that we can remove him from our customer count. We must require this timely notification (before the 26th) for a subscriber to disconnect because our programming and bandwidth suppliers dont prorate their bills to us. This is why we simply cannot afford to prorate a subscriber's bill. We require that our subscribers pay us for his each month's service in full.

Kingsland Cable TV charges subscribers based on the internet speed selected. We do not manage (throttle) our subscribers modems. Because of our hands-off policy, it is possible for a bandwidth hog to grab so much bandwidth that he can stifle the modems of his neighbors. To prevent this from happening, we have divided our Kingsland service area into two dozen nodes or neighborhoods, but one bad apple can temporarily spoil the internet barrel for his neighbors. We carefully monitor residential usage, and we contact bandwidth hogs.

American Cable Association RELEASE

Broadcaster Greed In End-Of-Year Retransmission Consent Talks To Cause Cable Subscription Prices To Spike In 2018
PITTSBURGH, January 1, 2018

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka issued the following statement in response to end-of-year retransmission consent negotiations: "With most members of the American Cable Association having wrapped up their retransmission consent negotiations with corporate broadcasters, the outcome is clear: Consumers will be paying the price for the broadcasters' greed. "Our members are small and mid-sized cable companies whose primary goal in these negotiations is to keep prices down and programs on the air for their customers. But this latest round of negotiations demonstrates once again that large corporate media conglomerates (particularly Hearst, Meredith, TEGNA, and Sinclair) - who are remotely headquartered and have little concern for the local communities our members serve - can and will force small cable operators to accept high double- and triple-digit percent increases to continue carrying their signals. "With ACA members unable to fully absorb these cost increases and stay in business, the real victims of the broadcasters' greed are consumers who will see cable subscription rates rise in 2018. Don't blame cable; blame the broadcasters."

Retransmission Consent Fee Surcharge

The big influential Television stations have been authorized by the President and Congress to grant or deny permission for a cable television system to carry their signals. This retransmission consent is renewable every three years. Bottomline TV stations nationwide now require cable TV subscribers to pay the TV stations monthly to view their signals.

For 2019 we negotiated with the TV stations on our subscriber's behalf for the rates for the next three years. Unfortunately we had almost no leverage in these negotiations under current federal law and FCC regulations. The process is rigged to benefit a handful of big media broadcast companies who own most of the TV stations. The unfortunate result is that the retransmission fees go up each and every year.

Starting January, 2019 your monthly bill will reflect the $19.44 monthly Jacksonville TV station surcharge for the year. This is a monthly increase of $3.71 . Please remember that we will not keep one cent of this surcharge. Every penny will be sent to the Jacksonville broadcasters.

* Breakdown of Taxes, Fees & Surcharges

FCC - $1.00 per subscriber per year (paid to the FCC)

Copyright Approximately $1.00 per TV customer per year (paid to Director of Copyright)

TV Station Surcharge Retransmission Consent Fee - $19.44 per customer per month (paid directly to Jax TV stations). Please see separate box for full explanation.

Franchise Tax / Service Fee 3% (paid both to city and county)

Maintenance Fee - $1.00 per subscriber per month (paid to Kingsland Cable / Internet - we keep this small fee!). If you wish not to pay the dollar a month, we will charge you the bargain rate of $35 per hour for a tech and his truck for a service call. Your choice.

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